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Commercial & Business Insurance


General Liability Insurance

Liability insurance will protect you from claims that can come from day-to-day activities. Any accident that would occur at a job site or incidents that are a result of running a business would be covered by this insurance. 


Tools and Equipment

Equipment insurance often covers all hand tools, but no item can exceed $500 in value with out being scheduled. Equipment insurance can also protect your larger tools and equipment like: welders, generators, nail guns and other pieces that are expensive and portable.


Builders Risk - C O C (Course of Construction) 

This coverage will insure physical damage for property that is under construction. Usually lenders require this insurance before providing construction financing. This type of insurance is also often required before funding for remodeling projects is provided. 


Workers' Compensation

Requiring all subcontractors to carry the proper workers' compensation insurance will ensure that a contractor can provide workers' compensation for employees. If a subcontractor does not hold the proper insurance, the contractor above them may be held liable. 


Business Auto Insurance

When using your automobile for business, you will need the right coverage and policy. A personal automobile policy will exclude any vehicle used for Commercial and Business purposes.




Contract Bonds

This bond will guarantee that an entity awarded a contract will fulfill its obligations under that contract. This group of bonds includes, bid bonds, performance bonds, payment bonds, maintenance bonds and supply bonds.


Performance Bonds

Guarantees that a contractor will actually perform the work that he was paid to do and complete it in the time frame outlined in the contract.


Bid Bonds

Guarantees that a contractor will honor the bid price that was promised in the winning bid.


Subdivision Bonds

A subdivision bond will guarantee that developers will make specific "off-site" or "public" land improvements that are in accordance with the state, county, or municipal specifications


Commercial Surety Bond

This bond guarantees business obligations in a variety of circumstances that require surety bonds. A commercial surety bond includes all non-contract surety bonds, including many types of license and permit, miscellaneous and court bonds.


License & Permit Bonds

This bond guarantees that individuals are granted a license or a permit that enables them to operate a business or exercise a privilege and will meet the obligations under that specific license or permit.

Court Bonds

This bond guarantees that an individual will abide by the terms of the court. This type of bond includes the probate, fiduciary and immigration bonds.


Farm & Ranch Liability Insurance

Our Farm and Ranch liability coverage will provide you with the coverage that you need for your farm. If you farm as a hobby or if you are farming hundreds of acres; we can provide you with the coverage that is tailored to your specific situation. We can provide policies that will cover your home, buildings, equipment, supplies and will cover personal and farm liability. 


Farm & Ranch Auto Insurance

The coverage that we can provide for your farm trucks, trailers or other licensed vehicles is competitively priced and can be tailored to your specific needs. If you have seasonal equipment, there are additional discounts which may apply to your particular situation. 


Farm & Ranch Umbrella Insurance

A policy that will cover you and your household for excessive liability exposures over and above your underlying limits.


Misc. Farm & Ranch Coverage’s

We also provide coverage for off road vehicles, boats, farm products, animal liability
and other miscellaneous farm and ranch categories. 


Additional Optional Coverage’s may include:


·        Milk Contamination

·        Equine Liability

·        Cargo

·        Outbuildings

·        Employers Liability

·        Livestock and Hay

·        Fire Legal Liability